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Who we are:

Introducing Background Performer.


Successful people almost always have reliable partners standing behind them, operating in the background, and supporting their success.

These partners “perform” backstage. Joint success is the confirmation of their efforts and is what they are continually striving for.

They are strategists, idea generators and coordinators. They are an essential success factor, without pushing themselves into the spotlight.

They are Background Performers.


Marketing, Sales and Business Development are Herculean tasks that can only be successfully implemented in a team.

We have the required competencies, perspectives and resources to successfully manage these tasks and in doing so, realize our customers’ goals.

We are addicted to your success!

Our Foundation

Improved efficiency through greater efficacy for a quicker ROI. We optimize the relationship between risk, resource investment and results.

Encourage collaboration

Dynamic, international competition calls for targeted marketing and sales management, but these two key business areas are often in competition with each other internally, making it difficult to develop new markets. That’s why we put such a major focus on fostering close cooperation between marketing and sales. When the two departments collaborate actively, great things can happen.

Support innovation

The success of an innovation is highly dependent on the timing of the project, and whether or not the innovation was forced or planned strategically.

Companies are under constant pressure to innovate. Successful innovation requires flexibility and freedom to experiment but also needs to be done at a certain speed to prevent the competition from catching up.

We can give you the freedom to innovate by taking over operational responsibility and still provide an informed outside perspective to guide the process. In the end, innovations are only effective if they can be capitalized on.