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Lead Generation

Build up your pipeline with professional lead generation

Sales and acquisition go hand in hand but they can sometimes be difficult to manage. The ongoing search for the right contacts can be demotivating for salespeople when faced with increased rejections or unsuccessful contact attempts.

To save time and increase motivation, various lead generation activities can be used. These activities help to stabilize the sales pipeline and provide support for employees working in sales, allowing  prospects to be intercepted at the right time and processed directly as leads.


We offer a wide range of lead generation services. Select the building blocks that make sense for your product(s) and goals.

Social networks

LinkedIn and Xing offer a wide range of potential contacts. As social networks for business people, these platforms are a great tool for researching and contacting prospects (B2B), while other social networks help build your company's image and allow for direct interaction with your target group (B2C).  


The right call-to-actions (CTAs) and an uncomplicated contact form are permanent lead generation measures that should always be present on a website. User-friendliness should be your top priority to keep the hurdles as low as possible.  


With Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you can address your target groups when they are searching for relevant information. The strategic setup of a campaign with a tightly focused definition of the target group prevents wastage.


There are many ways to generate leads, creative ideas can surprise a potential prospect enough to get their attention.

Content for added value

Be it via a blog, a white paper or another form of content, high-quality content is a good door opener and positions your company as an expert in the market. The effort is usually rewarded by contact information or further conversation.


Events are great for making personal contact with your target group. It is important to select the right events, to plan your attendance and to structure the follow-up process to make the most of your visit or sponsorship.

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